Saturday the Twenty-Fourth of June, 2017

Inspector gadget: how smart devices are outsmarting criminals | Technology | The Guardian
"He said he grabbed some possessions and jumped out a window. Investigators pulled data from his pacemaker which, according to a cardiologist, undermined Compton’s account." (filed under: technology surveillance crime lies)

Glanced at: 10,000 get bee tattoo to raise money for victims of Manchester bombing | UK news | The Guardian
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Friday the Twenty-Third

BBC technical glitch leaves Huw Edwards in silence on News at Ten | Media | The Guardian
"The BBC News Channel showed Edwards sitting mute for the entirety of the delay, while BBC1 put up a message apologising for the fault and played saxophone music." (filed under: news mutation)
How Tinder Could Take Back the White House - The New York Times
"If the user planned to vote for another progressive party, the bot asked if he or she would consider a tactical vote to beat the Tories, voting for the progressive party most likely to beat the Conservatives in their area." (filed under: politics software illusions camrad)

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Tuesday the Sixth

The Lost Joys of the Screen Saver
"What we abandoned with the death of screen savers—themselves testifiers of disuse—was a culture that could accept walking away from life onscreen." (filed under: computers history art) (via: linkmachinego)

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Wednesday the Thirty-First of May

Trading Bot BOTUS Will Buy And Sell Stock Based On Trump's Tweets : NPR
"When he says something positive about a company, we buy that company's stock. When he says something negative about a company, we will sell that company's stock short." (filed under: software money twitter words)

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Saturday the Twenty-Seventh

Stephen Wolfram, Introduction to "A New Kind of Science"
"Well, in the actual [snail] shell, the pattern is laid down by a line of pigment-producing cells on the growing edge of the shell. And it seems that what happens can be captured rather well by a cellular automaton rule." (filed under: emergence maths snails)

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Thursday the Eleventh

How many colours would you need to make London’s bus network more comprehensible? | CityMetric
"The first thing our colour system lets you do is dump bus numbers above 100 and use colours as a replacement for the first digit." (filed under: transport colour london maths)

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Friday the Fifth

BBC - Earth - There are diseases hidden in ice, and they are waking up
"Pathogenic viruses that can infect humans or animals might be preserved in old permafrost layers, including some that have caused global epidemics in the past." (filed under: pestilence ice history)

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Friday the Fourteenth of April

1001 Rogues
"Every day, 1001 Rogues generates an unique roguelike adventure which can take place anytime, from prehistory to the distant future." (filed under: games emergence random roguelike)

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Tuesday the Fourth

Chuck Wood (@autochucker) on Twitter
"How many mikes could Mike Love love if Mike Love could love mikes?" (filed under: creations twitter)

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Wednesday the Twenty-Second of March

Australia's big things - Wikipedia
"The big things of Australia are a loosely related set of large structures, some of which are novelty architecture and some are sculptures. [...] There are big things in every state and territory in Australia." (filed under: australia architecture art)

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Saturday the Eleventh

US: Bird wearing tiny goggles safely flies through laser beam | Laser Pointer Safety - Statistics, laws, and general laser pointer news
"Unexpectedly, the wing tip vortices did not stay stable as happens with aircraft, but instead broke up quickly and violently." (filed under: birds light science)

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