Friday the Eighteenth of August, 2017

How America Lost Its Mind - The Atlantic
"Treating real life as fantasy and vice versa, and taking preposterous ideas seriously, is not unique to Americans. But we are the global crucible and epicenter. We invented the fantasy-industrial complex." (filed under: america psychology history delusions politics)

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Tuesday the Eighth

Journalists to use 'immune system' software against fake news | Technology | The Guardian
"The software, which was demonstrated to the Guardian, scans statements as they are made by politicians and instantly provides a verdict on their veracity." (filed under: software politics lies news)

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Sunday the Sixth

Adventurers Wanted
"Adventurers Wanted is 250-hour long tabletop roleplaying game: an epic odyssey of battles, monsters and quests, lasting for the entire Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017." (filed under: games comedy time)

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Tuesday the First

BBC - Future - The animals thriving in the Anthropocene
"It is not clear why cephalopods are proliferating. One possibility is that we are fishing the animals that prey on them." (filed under: evolution squid)

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Monday the Twenty-Fourth of July

Revealed: the insidious creep of pseudo-public space in London | Cities | The Guardian
"Under existing laws, public access to pseudo-public spaces remains at the discretion of landowners who are allowed to draw up their own rules for “acceptable behaviour” on their sites and alter them at will. They are not obliged to make these rules public." (filed under: law cities london)

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Tuesday the Eighteenth

How ‘Fontgate’ Could Bring Down Pakistan’s Premier - Bloomberg
"The prime minister’s daughter, Maryam Sharif, provided a letter dated 2006 that she said showed she transferred property deeds to her brother. It was written in Calibri font, which the investigation team noted wasn’t released commercially until 2007." (filed under: fonts crime)

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Thursday the Thirteenth

Are Spotify's 'fake artists' any good? | Technology | The Guardian
"It appeared that musicians such as Cowley were being quietly elbowed out of that limelight in favour of ones who didn’t exist, and in favour of music for which Spotify wouldn’t have to pay royalties." (filed under: music illusions)

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Wednesday the Fifth

What’s the best way to cross the Thames in London? We’ve ranked all 63 options | CityMetric
"There are, depending on how you count, about 60 ways of crossing the Thames in London." (filed under: london water transport)

Glanced at: German man hides machine dropping anti-Erdoan leaflets from hotel room window - Daily SabahIt is as if you were doing workThis is the place. tassosstevens Medium

Monday the Third

A Game Of Legacy, for & by Bernie De Koven with Coney by Coney HQ — Kickstarter
"As Bernie De Koven, jedi master of play, nears the end of his life, A Game of Legacy explores what it means to pass onto posterity." (filed under: games future)

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Friday the Thirtieth of June

Wikipedia: The Text Adventure
Interactive non-fiction built in real time from the Wikipedia API. (filed under: creations wikis if)

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Monday the Twenty-Sixth

Avocados with laser-printed labels go on sale at M&S in bid to cut paper waste
"The labels, which are etched onto fruit's skin with lasers instead of stickers, will save 10 tonnes of paper and five tonnes of glue every year according to M&S." (filed under: light paper food plants technology litter)

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Saturday the Twenty-Fourth

Inspector gadget: how smart devices are outsmarting criminals | Technology | The Guardian
"He said he grabbed some possessions and jumped out a window. Investigators pulled data from his pacemaker which, according to a cardiologist, undermined Compton’s account." (filed under: technology surveillance crime lies)

Glanced at: 10,000 get bee tattoo to raise money for victims of Manchester bombing | UK news | The Guardian -
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