Saturday the Sixteenth of January, 2016

The tube at a standstill: why TfL stopped people walking up the escalators | UK news | The Guardian
"In theory, he found, getting people to stand on both sides would mean that 31 more passengers would get on to the escalator each minute – an increase of 28%." (filed under: crowds london tube walking)

Glanced at: Japanese Escalator Riders Opt for Etiquette Over Rules - Japan Real Time - WSJ
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Tuesday the Twelfth

Drone wars: new UAV interceptor billed as net-firing solution to rogue flying | Technology | The Guardian
"Michigan Technological University’s latest drone-catcher system deploys an octacopter armed with a gun that fires out a net to entrap and carry off rogue unmanned aerial vehicles flying where they shouldn’t be." (filed under: drones police weapons)

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Monday the Fourth

Plotto; a new method of plot suggestion for writers of creative fiction (1928)
"A Plotto Masterplot consists of three clauses: An 'A' Clause, a 'B' Clause and a 'C' Clause." (filed under: writing emergence books simulation)

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Wednesday the Second of December, 2015

"Around the World in X Wikipedia Articles - generating a 50,000 word novel using Wikipedia's API to pull out location coordinates and descriptions. Written for NaNoGenMo 2015." (filed under: creations books fiction programming)

Friday the Thirtieth of October

London Police ‘Super Recognizer’ Walks Beat With a Facebook of the Mind - The New York Times
"Facial recognition software managed to identify one suspect of the 4,000 captured by security cameras during the London riots. Constable Collins identified 180." (filed under: faces memory surveillance police)

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Friday the Twenty-Third

How to choose an uncrackable password: Use meter and rhyme.
"The researchers trained their bit-translation program to spit out couplets of rhyming iambic tetrameter." (filed under: poetry technology secrets)

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Sunday the Fourth

Trade in invasive plants is blossoming
"Of all the plants for sale [on eBay], 510 are known to be invasive in at least one region somewhere in the world. And out of that group, 35 are on the IUCN's list of the 100 worst invasive species." (filed under: plants pollution internet)

Wednesday the Sixteenth of September

This Spider Makes Fake Spiders. But Why? | WIRED
"The decoy was about the size of a half-dollar, constructed from debris and food carcasses, with eight legs radiating from its bulky center." (filed under: spiders illusions)

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Tuesday the Eighteenth of August

BPS Research Digest: Weird things start to happen when you stare into someone's eyes for 10 minutes
"On the strange-face questionnaire, 90 per cent of the eye-staring group agreed that they'd seen some deformed facial traits, 75 per cent said they'd seen a monster, 50 per cent said they saw aspects of their own face in their partner's face, and 15 per cent said they'd seen a relative's face." (filed under: eyes illusions faces monsters)

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Tuesday the Eleventh

A few key signs betray betrayal | Science News
"[Diplomacy players] who were excessively polite in general were more likely to betray, and people who were suddenly more polite were more likely to become victims of betrayal." (filed under: games psychology language lies)

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Wednesday the Twenty-Second of July

How High Def Is Changing Your Brain—and Driving the Prop Master Crazy
"We used to say, if it’s not bigger than a two-inch circle, you’re not going to see it on film. [...] Now, with high def, it’s down to an eighth of an inch." (filed under: films illusions) (via: alex)

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Tuesday the Fourteenth

"OpenGeofiction (OGF) is based on the OpenStreetMap software platform. [...] This world is set in modern times, so it doesn't have orcs or elves, but rather power plants, motorways and housing projects." (filed under: maps fiction) (via: kake)

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