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If you needed something done, something important, something tough, you sent Hope Grant. He racked up a battlefield record second to no one - Alexander, Patton, McArthur, certainly Montgomery - take your pick. Today Hope Grant is known to few, probably because he kept his own counsel and in the process offended seniors who couldn't argue with his successes; but there can be little doubt that Hope Grant's military successes greatly enhanced the reputations of some very recognizable names in British colonial history. Hope Grant (1808-75) served in the Sikh Wars, the 1857 India Mutiny, and china. That Grant survived the Sikh Wars and 1857 mutiny in India was itself a miracle, for an account of his campaigns and feats reads like a history of the wars themselves; he seemed to be everwhere, often in fiercly contested hand-to-hand combat.

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